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About Smart Schools

Smart Edtech is an internationally growing LMS company specialized in education technology. Our focus is on providing the best user experience for our customers, and their employees or students. With a team of 24 dedicated, friendly owls we strive every day to improve our LMS and give you excellent support. We do this with a smile, and a cup of coffee in our hands! Smart schools is a complete student information system in cloud. Award winning, user friendly University ERP software for the next generation of education Schools. Smart Schools strives to exploit the benefits of technology to enhance education and improve learning results by providing innovative solutions that suit modern methods of learning. Smart schools envisions a future in which educational institutions and organizations reap the benefits of the latest technology for a more beneficial, productive, and enjoyable learning... . Read More
Smart Schools

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Benefits For Users


Smart Schools Support Everyone

Smart Schools has a great package of features, styling options, and statistical insights that satisfy multiple use cases for internal and external enterprise and educational learning. Features and modules can be tailored to unique customer needs, because we do our own software development.

  • 24/7 web-based access to information by All Users .
  • Information Access Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device .
  • Mobile application available.
  • Advanced Attendance System is available.
  • Integrated student information system with LMS system.
  • Multiple Campus Management.

Benefits for Management

Effective communication between administrator,teachers, students and parents. with a complete automation of all operations .

  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy .
  • Best possible resource optimization .
  • High level data security .
  • Collaborate with students and other users via text, audio and/or video at anytime .
  • Multiple Schools management .
  • Complete automation of all operations .

Benefits For Teachers

Smart Schools facilitate communication and collaboration between Teachers and Students or administrators and employees, with a permanently open channel of communication. They facilitate the overall management of communication: global or individual emails, messages, Social Learning and agenda. An environment where the user can find all the important or vital information in just one screen.

  • Automated student attendance .
  • Computerised management of marks and grades .
  • Timetable creation in advance .
  • Upload and download notes / assignments for students .
  • Distance education facility available .
  • Online exams services .

Benefits For Students

Benefits For Students

  • Access to attendance, timetable, marks,grades and examination schedule .
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers .
  • Collaborate with students and other users via text, audio and or video at anytime .
  • Distance education facility available .
  • Online exams services .
  • Online submission of notes / assignments .

Benefits For Parents

The parent can communicate directly with the school coordinator and follow up on the behavioral violations of others to build their occurrence and registration, as well as follow the children's grades and their achievement files and follow the teachers ’evaluation of the children and he can participate in the school survey.

  • Tracking The school Bus .
  • follow Up the Students Absence And their late .
  • Access to children and school information anytime anywhere
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, management and others
  • Access to children attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Prior information about school events, news and holidays

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